Recipient Address Option


Mailings using the "Print Or Current Occupant" option will have "Or Current Occupant" printed below the recipient name. This will ensure that the mail reaches the intended household address and will not be forwarded by the postal service if the named recipient has moved. 

If you intend to send out a mailing to all of your clients or contacts using My List upload, then in most cases you will want to select "Do Not Print Or Current Occupant." For example, if one of your contacts recently moved and requested forwarding service by the USPS, your mail piece would be forwarded to them. If you had selected the "Print Or Current Resident" option, the mail piece would not be forwarded to that intended recipient.  

If you are mailing to target specific households and addresses by purchasing an address list, you will most likely want to select "Print Or Current Occupant." For example if you are sending a mailing to announce a store opening to residences within a 3 mile radius of your store, you would want the mailing to be received by the current resident/occupant of that address and not forwarded by the USPS to the previous occupant. 

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