File Specifications vs. Finished/Trimmed Size


Why does my file need to be sized larger than the finished product size?

Our printing process requires that uploaded files be approximately one-eighth of an inch larger on all sides than the finished product size. Business cards require one-sixteenth (1/16) of an inch larger on all sides. This extra space is necessary for the printing and finishing process in which the print file is duplicated on to large sheets of paper and then trimmed to the final product size.

What if I upload a file at finished size?

When a file is uploaded at the finished size and does not have the extra one-eighth of an inch on all sides, it is imposed on to our paper with a one-eighth of an inch white border around the design. This can lead to uneven cutting or small slivers of white paper around the design instead of the design bleeding to the edge of the piece. Below is an example of a file uploaded at the correct file specification and a file uploaded at the finished size:


What can I do to make sure my design upload meets the file specifications?

 Because our system is highly automated to provide fast turnaround, it is critical that uploaded files are submitted according to the file specifications. If you are unsure if your file meets our specifications, we recommend that you select our Professional Review option to ensure best results.

Checkout our File Specifications.

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