Professional Review


Print with confidence and let one of our print professionals review your print file for optimal print quality. Our Professional Review team will print a sample proof of your order and check for potential layout, graphic and font issues within your design. The Professional Review Fee is $15.

If there are any issues found with your order, you will be contacted. You may then choose to cancel the order and fix the file yourself or print as is. Due to the quick turnaround process, our staff may not be able to correct the file without adjusting delivery times on the order. However, you will be advised in advance of any printing delays. Please allow for one additional business day for processing orders with a Professional Review request.



Our Professional Review team is comprised of graphic designers, not copywriters. Therefore, we DO NOT proofread documents. As a result, text is subject to print AS IS. We strongly recommend you check for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors very carefully prior to submitting your document.


We look for things like hidden text, text wrapping or elements dropping off the edge of the page. It is recommended that a faxed copy of the file (fax number: 1.512.837.2777) accompany your order for the designers' reference.


We examine the document for low-resolution images and missing graphics. Missing graphics can occur when a graphic was included in the file but not embedded.


We examine the document for missing fonts. Be aware that if fonts were used in your design that are not on our system or, if the fonts used in your design were not embedded in your document, the font may be automatically substituted unbeknownst to our designers.

If there are any serious problems with your order, we will contact you. You may then choose to cancel the order and fix the file yourself, or have our staff correct the file, if possible. Additional fees and/or delivery times may apply, but you will be advised in advance.

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